Living Inside Today Looking Toward Tomorrow


I am in the process of preparing some bone broth for the first time.

It will be complete by this evening.

I have heard several ways and opinions on the best way to make your bone broth.

It is best to use a slow cooker rather than a pressure cooker, that’s good because I don’t own a pressure cooker.

Cook it so long that the bones are basically mush and the veggies have no flavor, it means that all the nutrients have gone into the broth. I am cooking mine for 72 hours on low.


I keep reading conflicting information on the best diets for people with Auto-Immune diseases.

They pretty much all use or end in some type of Paleo.

I am looking more into GAPS.

GAPS vs. Paleo for AI Diseases

dominion25            dominion26                dominion24

I did have a weak day on Wednesday. After I take my daughter to Piano lessons on Wednesday, the tradition is to have an ice cream cone from Mcdonald’s on the way home. Well, I ate a Mcdonald’s small hamburger, fries and coke as well as an ice cream cone. What is it that makes this junk so hard to give up? Ugh!

salmon5 salmon4 salmon3 salmon2 salmon1

Okay Ya’ll, since we are on a strict budget, I am going for the Salmon oil gel supplements.

The price of one salmon steak at Trader Joe’s is approximately $7.

This bottle was $8.99 with 160.

It’s not hard to figure out the math. I realize that the fresh Salmon is a whole heck of a lot better for you.

So, when finances allow, I will opt for Fresh Salmon.

I can’t say I’m too sad.


One thought on “Living Inside Today Looking Toward Tomorrow

  1. I’ve made bone broth many times. For me it has always turned out better if I go several hours on the stove. Maybe it’s just my crockpot, but it turns a brown sort of color and then gets a sour taste. The bones don’t necessarily mush, but they get super soft. I place 1 tablespoon of vinegar with the bones, garlic cloves, celery, onion, various herbs like basil, etc. then cook several hours simmering slightly. I hope it turns out well for you…if it turns dark, perhaps try stove top instead, and not as long. But maybe your crockpot holds a lower temp than mine did. It’s yummy stuff!


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