Dominion In The Kitchen

Taking Dominion Over the Kitchen and Our Health!

My new way of shopping…


As a typical American family, our cupboards are generally filled with convenience foods. Foods that are quick and easy but are lacking in the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to flourish. My particular family is on a journey together to change the way we eat and improve the way we live, through food and exercise. We invite you to join us along the way. 

     This is just the beginning…

I am the wife and mother (Rebecca), I am 35 years old and deal with more than one autoimmune disease. I suffer from severe, painful, rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosed at 5 years of age), hashimotos thyroiditis (diagnosed, Nov. 2014) as well as fibromyalgia (diagnosed, May 2015). My weight has fluctuated but has been around 160 for the last few years, I am 5ft 1.


pictured in the middle, purple shirt.

This is my husband, Abel, also 35 years old. He suffers from Atrial fibrillation, occasional gout flares, had his gallbladder removed and is overweight.


pictured third person on the right, wearing black shirt

This is my son, Christian. He is 16 years old. (Will be 17 at the end of this month). He suffers from Hidradenitis Suppurative. HS is a severe skin disease that creates boil like abscesses in the crevices of your body. Think of the places that see the most sweat and the least sun. He has had 5 surgeries already to take out infected tracts that the disease causes. Two of those were major. One taking out most of his armpit. The disease started at about 13 years of age, was diagnosed at 15. He has been almost homebound for the last two years, because of pain, healing from surgeries and avoiding the hot, humid, Florida weather. He also deals with severe facial acne. He is on constant strong, antibiotics which causes yeast build up in a body that has been overrun with candida already.


only male pictured, in green shirt

This is my 9 year old daughter, Sienna. She was diagnosed at 7 years of age with the autoimmune disease Type 1 diabetes. 

…Please look into this disease to educate yourself. If autoimmune diseases run in your family (even if not) look out for these symptoms. Fruity breath, unquenched thirst (constantly thirsty), frequent urination, stomach pain, weight loss, lethargic. If not caught in time, this disease is fatal. If you are in any doubt, take your loved one to get checked out at the doctor’s office. This disease goes misdiagnosed often as stomach issues, specifically ask for a blood test if you suspect this is happening to you or a loved one. If diagnosed, they will need to be given insulin for life. If someone you love has been recently diagnosed, please contact myself, JDRF, or ADA for community support and nutritional information…


Sienna, pictured above

Myself, and my son have been prescribed some very serious drugs to deal with our diseases. None of which stop the disease but would in theory, slow down its progression or possibly put it in remission. My family has decided to take a more natural approach and heal ourselves with food, without such life threatening side affects.  I hope you will go on this journey with us as we update you with daily news and pictures.

I want to be clear that I am in no way advocating that you take my advice over that of your physician. This is a journey my family has decided to take.

I have been researching the Paleo AIP (autoimmune protocol) as well as the Wahl’s Protocol diet. I have decided for myself and my son to follow the Wahl’s Protocol and as for my husband and daughter, they will follow more closely the Paleo diet.

As time goes on I hope to hear from many and their journey into health. I also hope to share and have many of you share with me recipes that have worked out for you. Shopping lists, how to cut cost, tips etc…

Our meals today consisted of:

steak, spinach, mushroom & onions, salad and berries for lunch

chicken breast, kale and berries for dinner

Until tomorrow, don’t give up, keep on going for your health, FOR YOUR LIFE!!