Living Inside Today Looking Toward Tomorrow


I am in the process of preparing some bone broth for the first time.

It will be complete by this evening.

I have heard several ways and opinions on the best way to make your bone broth.

It is best to use a slow cooker rather than a pressure cooker, that’s good because I don’t own a pressure cooker.

Cook it so long that the bones are basically mush and the veggies have no flavor, it means that all the nutrients have gone into the broth. I am cooking mine for 72 hours on low.


I keep reading conflicting information on the best diets for people with Auto-Immune diseases.

They pretty much all use or end in some type of Paleo.

I am looking more into GAPS.

GAPS vs. Paleo for AI Diseases

dominion25            dominion26                dominion24

I did have a weak day on Wednesday. After I take my daughter to Piano lessons on Wednesday, the tradition is to have an ice cream cone from Mcdonald’s on the way home. Well, I ate a Mcdonald’s small hamburger, fries and coke as well as an ice cream cone. What is it that makes this junk so hard to give up? Ugh!

salmon5 salmon4 salmon3 salmon2 salmon1

Okay Ya’ll, since we are on a strict budget, I am going for the Salmon oil gel supplements.

The price of one salmon steak at Trader Joe’s is approximately $7.

This bottle was $8.99 with 160.

It’s not hard to figure out the math. I realize that the fresh Salmon is a whole heck of a lot better for you.

So, when finances allow, I will opt for Fresh Salmon.

I can’t say I’m too sad.


I Just Ate Salmon

Marching along into day 6…



I ate salmon, holding my nose and eating it with an orange to mask the flavor! Yeah, you could say, I don’t particularly prefer to eat salmon. I did it for the Omegas and I will do it at least once a week.

Everything has been pretty smooth sailing so far. I think I won over my children when I told them we could still eat at Moes!



I am having to explain a lot of things to my 9 year old daughter. She is a very good eater and will eat almost all things healthy. The issue is the things she can’t have or what she will be limited on. I am hoping to find some awesome recipes to please her palate! Until then, I just say…


I’m pretty proud of our Whole Foods run. We did not plan to shop there but we had been out all day and were tired and hungry. So we ate at the cafe and then did our shopping. We typically shop at Trader Joes but were far from the one in our town.



I do have to say that we did get some pretty good deals and I actually can feel good about the food my family is eating. Especially the meat. We scored on some grass-fed beef. They had it Buy One Get One free!! WOOOHOOO! Typically beef is expensive so I am used to shelling out $8-$10 on 1lb of lean beef. So, when you find grass fed beef at $8.99 and it is buy one get one, you do a little happy dance! Our total bill came out to $140. When we got home we realized they had given us something extra in our bag that wasn’t in our lot, nor did it show up on the receipt.


I plan to get a little stricter and specific as we go on. Right now I am motivated and feeling pretty good overall.

Sometimes I need a little motivation …


But I remind myself why I am doing it and I quickly go back to taking DOMINION IN THE KITCHEN!

For the life and health of my family.

I need my interwebs family to back me up too as we push forward because before long, this will be me…


Thanks for stopping by.

Here are some awesome links to make meal planning easier!

Plan To Eat (Meal Planning)

Put in what you have at home and this website will give you the recipes you can make!

How one woman put her Auto Immune Disease in Remission

Kombucha and Other New Things

  I’d like to call this collage “Ode to the days of Coca Cola and icecream!”



One main purpose of this blog is to keep myself and others aware of the progress made through healing my family through nutrition. This blog will hopefully keep me accountable and make it harder to fall off the wagon.

I really appreciate all who may follow and those who comment.

I would like to make mention of a few noticeable symptoms I have noticed, just from day 2 of no sugar, gluten or dairy. (Following the Wahl’s Protocol, I will share a few links to this diet at the bottom of the page).

  • Last night I was fatigued, almost lethargic (more than usual, anyway) (day 1)
  • I woke up with NO pain in my jaw (usually I can’t turn my head on my pillow without going in slow motion and having excruciating pain. NO PAIN there this morning and it has yet to return. However, I am still feeling the same amount of pain in my fingers, wrists and elbows.
  • my annoying heart palpitations returned today (haven’t experienced them since December, 2014)
  • a little pain from gas (all those veggies)
  • My daughter’s blood sugars have been phenomenal, as expected with the Paleo Diet.
  • My son has not experienced any changes as of yet with his HS.

Last night’s dinner…(only missing lemon, which I squeezed into the collards).

It was delicious!

hmm…well, the kombucha might take some getting used to! You don’t want to know what my son thought it tasted like!


My son, has been experiencing an overgrowth of yeast  because of the antibiotics they have him on for his HS. I found some amazing stuff from the whole foods store that is clearing it up! Aquaflora, High Potency 9, Broad-Spectrum Relief for Candida. I also bought him tea tree oil scrub, and essential oil for washing his face. He is seeing some difference, I hope the aquaflora also contributes to clearing up his face as well as being on such a clean diet!


Sadly, this is typically where you will find my son.

I have always been afraid to take the drugs that the doctor’s prescribe me for my RA. They are very strong and suppress the immune system. I have paid the price in deformities…


LEFT HAND, stiff wrist and not much mobility (above)


   RIGHT HAND, two “frozen” fingers and well, you see.

I want to thank you for taking a look at my blog today. If you would like any extra information about specifics with the type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, atrial fibrillation, or hidradenitis suppurative, please leave a comment or message me.

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